Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Pray before you GAMBLE

Longing to visit Chin Swee Temple since long time ago. Finally, i made it few months back.
It's not a good weather because it started drizzling and it was hazy when we reached there in the afternoon.
People claim that it will bring you luck in casino if you pray in the temple before you heading to casino. Listen, it's before not after.
I did visit the temple and indeed uncle lim treated me "yumcha". But it can proof anything because i did not pray though. I just paid a visit in the temple. ><


alvinontherocks said...

hmmm... if pray more will uncle lim be sponsoring abalone :)

Kian Fai said...

lol need to pray meh? =P

Irene said...

@alvin maybe u can try?

@depends whether u believe it or not..hahaha

Vincy said...

Long time didnt went thr d... ><

木瓜 said...

yer~~~ u went there dy.... T.T

Irene said...

long time ago lo..hahaha

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