Saturday, November 27, 2010

RUN to stay young

Many people find running tedious and therefore come up with reasons not to or prefer to do something else to stay fit. Not only does running have many health benefits, such as improving your bones health, strengthens your cardiovascular system, reduces stress and is an excellent way to lose weight but it can also slow the effects or aging.

The other benefits of running include:

There have been plenty of studies that have found that running is great for your wellbeing and has numerous health benefits.

It is an easy way to burn calories and therefor helping with weight loss.

By keeping your weight at healthy levels you reduce the risk of diabetes and high cholesterol.

It improves the cardiovascular system, lowers blood pressure helps arteries maintain their elasticity and keeps the heart healthy.

Running reduces the risk of osteoporosis by keeping the bones strong as they respond to physical exercise.

Running also has psychological benefits as runners will usually feel less stressed, more relaxed and happier sure to the release of endorphins.

You increase your stamina by running which means that you improve your breathing and keep your lungs healthy.

You tone and strengthen the muscles in your body as running is a full body workout.

Source: Msnlifeandstyle


ken said...

what about swimming?

Irene said... helps i think

isroxck said...

Yeah I do run, but it keeps raining these days ! aiks !

Hilda Milda™ said...

but I hate running ): cause i dont like sweating haha

kuromeowiie said...

i hate running even walking LOL
im lazy bumXD

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