Saturday, November 13, 2010

Much Awaited Big Bad Wolf Book Sale!

Any plan for the weekend? There is a book fair you shouldnt have missed out in South City Plaza, Serdang. It used to held in Amcorp mall according to some of the ladies whom i chit-chatted with yesterday. To my surprise, i spent most of my time queuing to make payment but not others. The line was moving slow and again, according to the ladies who have been to the fair in Amcorp Mall before, she claimed that it was more efficient than this. I would advice those who really wanna shop here to bring more CASH as the cash lane is moving faster.
Be prepared to splurge on this because the books are darn cheap. Imagine you can get those books with just 10 bucks which normally sell at 5o bucks. Therefore, people are carrying boxes of books instead of just a few books.
I bet the crowd during the weekend is gonna be a crazy one. All the best!
The book fair will end at 17 Nov.

ops..blurred out

Taadaa! my damage!


alvinontherocks said...

Darn, Serdang is quite far... Amcorp will be much nearer :) Anyway good on you, looks like you've gotten yourself quite a number of motivation books.

Irene said...

@alvin where do u stay?
i like non-fiction one..hehe

Chuen said...

ahhh! cheap books...too bad serdang is quite far =\

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