Sunday, October 31, 2010


Im ecstatic! I should have done some reading by this time but i just couldn't wait to share my joyfulness.
Finally, I've got my first ever stainless steel watch. (it doesnt mean that i never wore a watch..)
It has been years i wanted to look for a watch. If im not wrong, it shud be since my university years which means a few years back. Eventually, i decided to get it without much consideration because i hardly could get the one i heart.
CH 2642 looks a bit classy. At least, i would think of TAG when i first looked at it. :P
This would gonna be my FIRST OFFICIAL watch.


木瓜 said...

finally~~ nt bad... hehee

Irene said...

but hor..sad case a bit..tell u in msn

木瓜 said...

节哀顺变~~ hahahahaa

Irene said...


Yu Shen said...


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