Sunday, November 21, 2010

likey it

Without the distraction of msn and facebook, i hope i could finish off this entry shortly.
I had a great Sunday today by meeting out a bunch of friends and have done something which i wanted to do since long time ago-eye brow shaping.
It was a unique meeting for me because i did not expect it to be turned out so. Meeting an artist who i do not really know. Yet, he was quite handsome. :P (But it was non of my business because he has already engaged :()
It will be a great motivation for me after meeting meeting Eunice. It will never be a disappointed one. But thinking of the other side of the story, i will not be joining you guys so soon. At least at this moment, i would not do so.
Heading to Mid Valley to catch up with Jing and it was a good one. However, wonderful moment flies. In fact, it was really a dinner only. T.T
On top of all, i did eye brow shaping and im satisfied. To my surprise, i thought my hair was all right all the while. But the lady told me that i should have had a cut! I was like Oh No! How could that be? I just had it last month. I thought it was fine! It was really hard to get a stylist who knows your ideal hair cut well.

A brand new week soon!

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