Sunday, March 20, 2011


I feel FRESH! Just finished taking my bath after a long day outing with my dearies. It has almost been almost 18 hours of outing! Gosh..But i really enjoyed about it! I dont care for sacrificing my beauty sleep because i really love getting along with my dearies! :))

Congratz to my dear again for her big day and "toll day" as well today! ( should be yesterday).
Went to a place where i had been one year ago and this time was my dear's turn. To my disappointment, quite a few of the friends couldn't attend and our plan to Putrajaya was turned down due to the bad weather! :(

Wanted to have Korean cuisine yesterday. However, ended up at Sushi King due to serious famish. Almost die of
We, then, hung around at IOI mall before had our unexpected dinner at Puchong. We finally made it for the meal..LoL..Thanks aunty. Indeed, it was a really full-till-die dinner!! Haha

Then, I had my gal's nite. Hence, a good chat with my gal. I would say that it's kinda relief after sharing. Hope we could have a better one soon. :P

Gonna have a "nap" soon. Im really having deprivation of sleep these few days!!
Will be some time adjustment soon!



木瓜 said...

so late dy stil wan to update ur blog only go to sleep... hahahaha.. geng de la u....

irene said...

LOL!! cuz i was trying to dry my hair ..
then dun wanna waste the time. Time is precious.
Try not to wasting time doing something which is not worthy. :)

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