Friday, March 25, 2011


Tick tok tick's gonna strike 12 soon. Yet, it seems like im doing nothing.
Have to hit the bed very soon as im kinda sleep already.
Dont feel like talking for the whole day due to sleep deprivation and some personal stuff.
I would say it's been improving since last week. But i felt like there is "something"in the middle.
Hoping not to give a damn. But i just cant.
Sometimes, just hope not to care so much. At least, it wont be to the extent of bothering me all the time. When i realised that i was kept in the box, i was upset. Hence, knowing much is not a good thing for me. Because the more i care, the more i want to know. Once you don't give damn or give less, it's just so hurt. ==
I admit that im greedy. Wanting more all the time.
Expectation leads to disappointment when something is not up to your expectation.


木瓜 said...

wah.. y sound like so sad...? wat happen...?

Irene said...


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