Sunday, March 27, 2011

No cloud

Trying to wake up as early as possible even though it's a Sunday!
Woke up with a joyful mood and it's definitely will be a good Sunday!!
Some dark clouds had been cleared yesterday and there was always reason behind it. However, i did not manage to make it clear on the first hand and hence couldnt help myself but just think and think about it in the beginning.
Been to several places to look for makan and ended up eating porridge.
It's definitely a new record for me as i took my dinner at 1AM!
Initially, thought could get some nice food in Maluri. However, things went haywire. Next station was Kajang satay. But couldnt spot Sri Malaysia satay!! Then passed by Putrajaya and Puchong and eventually back to Old Klang Road.
It seemed there were much more things to talk about. Yet, we couldnt catch up with the time.

That's all for the update.



木瓜 said...

go shopping~~~~

irene said...

make sure u shop..hahahahha

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