Friday, March 25, 2011


Gloomy sky.
I can tell you that im kinda steam at this point. Woke up at 530am!! I shall congratulate to myself for being able to wake up after trying it for so many days!
Did some preparation before went out checking the traffic.
What's so awesome about this morning trip was that i was caught in the jam for one hour which I normally need about 30minutes to reach my destination!! ==

It's less than one week to start the new chapter of my life. To be frank, Im nervous.
Hopefully everything goes smooth. :))
Never say enough, strive for a better life.


木瓜 said...

wah... y woke up so early...? i thought u woke up at 630am... hahaha...

irene said...

LOL!! prepared the stuff..haha

木瓜 said...


irene said...


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