Friday, January 15, 2010

Super Jam

Everything has its pros and cons. This statement sounds like a cliche. But this is so true. I was caught in the jam when i went back after meeting my dear today. I tot the traffic should be a bit smooth since it's ady 8pm. To my surprise, the traffic was terrible! Everywhere also jam. I was thinking i do not need to face all these hustle bustle if i dun drive, perhaps. I do not need to worry about having a tough time in finding the parking space in the shopping mall, worrying that i do not lock my car ( i have locking car phobia ) lolz. etc. On the other side, if i'm not able to drive then i will worry about i might need to take up more time to reach a destination and also wasting most of my time in waiting the public transport, i might end up to be caught in sumwhere due to the unpredictable weather etc.
You will shower urself with all the positive sides of getting a car before you really get a car. Afterall, you will scratch your head wondering why you need a car when you face some problems in getting to a destination within your time. Wat you say? Get a chauffeur is the best option.


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