Sunday, January 24, 2010

I need a GPS

I was so excited when i told to take Korean Cuisine at Puchong. However, i ended up eating nasi goreng kampung at nearby mamak. It started raining when i started my journey to Puchong. I was started thinking i might be lost in Puchong as i'm not familiar with Bandar Puteri. It DID happen. Sigh.. I went up to Puchong Perdana as i missed the junction to Bandar Puteri. When i reached the destination, the rain started to downpour. Worse still, the shop has closed! FML!


m!Z_w0rLd said...

things to help u never get lost:
1.get urself a gps
2.always check the destination before u go..(tat is why google had google maps for us)
3.bring sum1 with u..(bf,bro,fren..etc)
4.go places u familiar only..(which i doubt oso)
5.get urself a compas or a map in ur car..(old skol type) 999,i think our Uncle Mata is willing to help..(which v learn last time in primary skol,get help from the uncle mata)

Irene said...

to my lovely fren,
2: wat if i decided to go a certain place in a last minute and there is not internet connection?
3: wat if others are not free?
4: if i never tried to go to a new places then how could i familiar with the places here?
5: i dunno how to read a map
6. wat if my phone is running out of battery

m!Z_w0rLd said...

reply to u:
2.i mean before u go,thats mean u have internet to search for the place before u go
3.hp r use for contacts,which u can ask them after all
4.which i doubt u 'familiar' definition i expected,i wouldnt recommend if u knew so
6.there is always a public phone which v use to call emergency for free..

irene said...

6. Where to look for a public phone which can call for free? I'm not cruising on a highway...

3 it's not so clear even someone guide you on the phone.

2. what if i'm in a hurry and no time to look for internet connection as i do not have broadband with me?

m!Z_w0rLd said...

6.all public phones are free..and i bet u can find it anywhere the 'sum1'not guiding u or u lost direction when ppl guide u?
2.u wanna hurry or u wanna get lost again?haha..

irene said...

6: i tot u need to insert coin in order to dial unlike the one set up at the highway.

3: i'm not familiar with the place. So, i missed the junction even tho someone guided me.

2. after lost then know the places better..


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