Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Complicated Mood

Got my lappie tonite. I'm kinda in a complicated situation right now. But i gotta figure it out by myself. No one could help except self help. Anyway, thanks for everything. I would feel more guilty every time u did something for my own good. I know it's hard to change your stand once you've made up your mind. i know i'm demanding in this sense but i just couldn't control wat's running in my mind. I guess i've set up my guard wall and it's time to put it down.


m!Z_w0rLd said...

hey..r u ok?

irene said...

erm..better right now

Beauty Guru said...

*HugZ* to you
Do hope that you can go pass this hurdle.
Dunno what problem you're facing, but problems are good to have, as it grooms us into who we are by how we handle it.

Irene said...

beauty guru: thanks for ur's so warm

Melvin said...

hey, i bet this post was for sum1 who's going after u at the moment wahahahaha!

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