Sunday, January 24, 2010

FML!!! Bad Day!!!

FML..i thought the experience which i had when i first looking for the parking space in MV was terrible. However, it wasn't that bad afterall after i had this farking parking experience in 1u today. At first, i thought it would be more parking spaces in old wing before i hunted for parking space in new wing. It wasn't true at all. The entrance in the old wing was CLOSED! Fine. The traffic was quite jam to the new wing. The traffic was different from the one i had experienced a few weeks ago. Perhaps the crowd was shopping for the festive season. My friend who was later than me could find a parking space once she got in. But NOT me. Sien...Was cruising between B1 and B2 and turning here and there. Worse still, i always missed the parking. It was a bad day for me i guess. No luck at all. I was almost burst into tears when i was caught in the lower ground for almost an hour (blame me if i dun have parking skill!) and when the UNCIVILISED ppl cut my queue. I was wondering do they have a BRAIN to think about that ppl are waiting for the parking space too. Or else ppl won't have to put double signal and double park!!!! FYL!!!! You do not have the right to cut q even you are driving those luxurious car!! FYL!!!
I tot ppl in PJ were more civilised than KL ppl. But it is not so true. At least for the case i faced today.

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