Friday, September 18, 2009

Update- Tedious process to redeem the Clinique liquid foundation!

Remember? Clinique is giving out free samples this month. But u have to act FAST because when i redeemed the foundation yesterday, there was already no stock in Clinique store outside Parkson. I tried my luck at Clinique in Jusco. But the service is not as good as the one who served me last time. Sigh...The process is tedious..You will have to give her your personal details on the spot and she will check whether you have registered for it or not. Then u have to show her your m-coupun. Why can't you just take the m-coupon and give away the sample? Those who have the m-coupons mean they have already registered wat?! Moreover, I tot we can redeem both the liquid foundation and the men's eye defense cream as long as we have the m-coupon. However, the BA told me that i could only redeem the liquid foundation. I could not redeem the men's eye defense cream because i'm not a guy. wtf! If so please state in the website that only the product is redeemable for GUYS only. But i guess she made a mistake there. Wateva.. i dun wan to argue with her. Redeem then ciao. But according to my fren, the BA refill the foundation to you by using the tester foundation after testing which tone suits you. I didn't see it when she refilled mine because i was on the phone. Anyway, they should use a new liquid foundation to refill it rather than the tester. Why not you unseal a brand new one for those who come to redeem the liquid foundation?

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