Friday, September 25, 2009

Appreciate the final get-together dinner

Get ready? We waited for this special day for so long. Anticipating, exciting. Thank you yeevon for planning the activity. Most of our classmates did join us. We gathered at campus ard 3. But keep on waiting.....Tick tick tick....The watch struck 4. We started our trip ard 4pm which we thought it started on 3.30?? Haha

rain rain shooooo

i did cricle a tiny little gal in the pic. But i guess u take time to figure out where is the circle.
Pity cheeping, kena forced to take pic outside.. Ha haha...

Finally, the gangs reached Puchong

Taadaa~ Lou Ma Zi=mother

Fuiyoh...this pic looks a bit haunted..hahahaha..DB beria-ria mahu makaan..lapar betul!

Ladies and Gents, pick you own dishes

Sausauge, sotong etc



here comes the soup--tomyam and traditional


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