Sunday, September 20, 2009

wat so special about YUEN steamboat restaurant?

Finally got the chance to steamboat @ YUEN restaurant in Sunway. What so special about this restaurant which will be flooded by customers almost every nite. The truth is its BBQ CHICKEN for most of the customers.
To me, it was just okay because this is not the BEST of the best which i have tried something like this before. And maybe due to its good reputation, i set a higher expectation on this.

infamous BBQ chicken

crowded..FYI, they have another floor. So do not need to worry if you couldn't get any seat at downstair.

yong tau yong tau yong chili

all kinds of ballS

TOMYAM soup and traditional soup


Wat's tat? HA HA..steam egg created by cp. Perhaps you could just try this whenever u have any steamboat in future.

And i dun really like YUEN. I prefer others. To me, it has nothing special. The ever best experience i could get from this was LAO SAI! Too bad...

Food: 2.7/5
Ambience: 2.5/5
Service: 2.5/5


Baby said...

laosai coz food not clean?

irene said...

i think the food was raw because i went there with my frens and only i lao sai...hahaa

Melvin said...

yucks lao sai queen.. btw, all kinds of balls? mg that sounds so wrong

irene said...

melvin: dun take it wrongly....hahahaha...
wat lao sai queen?? When did i mention to u that i always lao sai?!?!?! weird haha

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