Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Do you know how to clean your FACE?

Do you know the steps to apply your skincare products? Or simple pat anything that is available to you without getting a right sequence? Here is the correct one:
Make-up remover-->Cleanser--> Toner--> Cosmetic water--> Serum--> Moisturizer
Does it sound complicated to you? But that is how you take care of your face!
At this point, you might be wondering why one should use make-up remover before the cleanser even though you have no make up at all. Here's the truth. Your skin is exposed to the polluted air and those particles in the air contact with your face and hence might clog the pores. In order to clean your face thoroughly, you have to use a make up remover before the cleanser.
Below are some of the products you can refer to if u cannot decide which brand you should go for.

1. Make-up remover




2. Cleanser




3. Cosmetic water




4. Essence


Estee Lauder


PS: The ratings are taken from These are the top three products for each category. From what i have mentioned earlier, Kanebo is famous and most of its product could squeeze into the Top Three.


smartchic said...

for a makeup remover product, i am also using loreal, works perfectly fine for me. i use cetaphil as a cleansing product for my normal skin type.

irene said...

i shud try loreal make up remover next time as well to see whether it works on me or not..^^

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