Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Happie 090909

Hey frens,

Sorry for no updates these few days..Have been sick for the past few days..(haha..excuses popping up in my mind)..But that's true tho because i lost my appetite and couldn't eat much as a consequence of the sickness. Hopefully i didn't lose weight because of this..But quite lazy to blog also la..haha..gonna dig up something to blog soooooon...

Guess what, I'm here to wish all of you to have a blessing 090909 and also enjoy this special and auspicious day! Decided to blog about it after receiving a msg from ML( you know who you are!!) and also thanks to bit who sent me a blessing msg this morning as my so-called wake up call. LOL..

You know what, i'm gonna make a wish at 9.09 PM later as i missed it this morning!
What say you? Let's make a wish..

Have a nice day!


Your good neighbour said...

haha...thought write me many things..but then just like tis...

Irene said... fast give comment ah..haha...good.tot u r busy watching drama...
and...wahh..u wan me to write about ur bad things ah...or something else? got ur pic lagi leh.. special de nehh..

Your cute neighbour said... my pic but also didnt mentioned me?if wan sure write good things on me lar..haha.

irene said...

wahh..woke up so early ah...ohh..u wanna gain popularity isn't it? hahaha..then show me some good thing 1st lo...dun always show the M pattern..hahah

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