Wednesday, January 12, 2011

T-bowl time

Kinda headache at this moment. Thinking why it happened. However, couldnt figure it out at this moment. Felt embarrassed and guilty at the same time as well.

Dont wanna spread the negative mood here. Let's talk about makan. This was my first time having meal at T-bowl restaurant@Sunway. I never knew there is one outlet in Sunway too!
Afterall, i felt like it was almost similar to HK Char Chan Teng in terms of food.

three cups chickens

ribs (but i was wondering why no bone at all?) haha

fried pork


~Snowman~ said...

T-Bowl? sounds cool! =P

irene said...


木瓜 said...

wat make u so headache...?

irene said...

quite a few things..><

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