Monday, January 3, 2011

Black Sunday

Wanted to blog yesterday night. To be exact, it should be early this morning. But was busy. Hence, i procrastinated.
Even though it's just second day of new year, i've experienced quite a few "first-time" already. Some are bad, some are good. Let's start with the spoiler. Kena my first ever summon yesterday when i was on the way to KL. Neither beg nor offer was made. Ok. Have to stop talking about this as not to affect my mood. TT
Was made my move to Sogo in search of my bags. Thanks god that i managed to spot the one i like. Or else i would have to desperately look for it AGAIN. Deepest gratitude to my honey siew for bringing me there as well. :))
Had my first Korean cuisine with my gals yesterday. It has been a long time since i last took the Korean cuisine. I was wondering whether their rice does any wonder because it seems like we could easily get full even though we have not eaten a lot. :( Nevertheless, i like the Korea Barley water! Nice!
Here i end my post with my last first-time for this month i guess. I own my first ever blazer by Zara!! *yippie* It was not the same as the one i tried last week but it fits. Without giving it much thought and i was ready to splurge on it, i grabbed it! It was the last piece as well!

Gonna share my korean cuisine in my coming post.


木瓜 said...

welcome darling~~~ hahaha...

irene said...

oh yea~~ :))

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