Sunday, January 30, 2011

Esprit de corp

Im still in the excited mood!! LOL
This was my first time carried such a big shopping bag (not the recycled one :P)
It has been raining for whole day and i think it's drizzling out there right now. I think a lot places have been flooded, included my hometown. :((
Anyway, i had my haircut at Cheras. I should be very glad that i did not lose my way to Muse Salon which i thought i might be going into the maze. LOL
Unfortunately, it was kinda jam when i was on the way back to PJ. Wanted to get a pair shoes in 1u. To my despair, i couldnt find one. TT
However, I was so excited seeing my fren bought a lot (erm..shouldnt be a lot but splurge a lot and became member!!) Remember to pinjam me your member card ya!! LOL
Going to have my first ever trip to Kelantan tomoro. Travel safe! :)


木瓜 said...

hws ur hair...? hahaha... enjoy ur cny trip n take care~~

Irene said...

uiseh~~so free to read my blog..hahaha
my hair ah..become bob! LOL
rmb to bring angpow for me ya~~miss u :P

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