Saturday, December 18, 2010

Plant your DREAMS

I feel recharged as im motivated early in the morning and SY had made my day!
Thanks for the wake-up-call and the joke of the day! LOLX
Finally, Im able to hit Uniqlo! *elating*

Anyway, i decided to share the energy-charging-article with you. Here it goes.

Do you remember your childhood dreams of career choices, the man or woman of your dreams, or the prized sports car? Did you replace them with new dreams as you got older, like most people do? Have you attained your dreams? If not, why?
The saying, "We are the creators of our own destiny,"is right on the mark! We spend a great deal of time thinking about what we want-what we want to be when we grow up, the type of lifestyle we would like to lead, the location and type of home we would like to own-but so many of these dreams do not come to fruition. Why? Because they are often just yearnings, hopes, or the proverbial brass ring.
But they need not be. You can actually attain the things you have always wished for, but you need more than a vague idea of what is truly desired. You need to deliberately pursue your goal to create your reality.
Dreams and aspirations are kind of like seeds in a garden. Would you just plant sees and leave them to fend for themselves, expecting them to grow into the desired fruit, vegetable, or flower? Of course not. Without water to stay quenched, fertilizer for growth, and regular weeding. your seeds would not thrive at all. In fact, they would just wither away. That is exactly what can happen to your dreams.They will never flourish without thought, attention, and energy. Deliberately attention is needed. It is the process of putting action to your intention that will help manifest your dreams.


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