Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas 2010!

Ho ho ho~~ Merry Christmas!!
How's your Xmas Eve? I had mine in eCurve.
About 1 hour to reach eCurve due to the jam. =.=
Then only made my way to Marche and had my 1st Aus Sterloit Steak. However, i didnt take any pic. T.T
Counteddown at eCurve at 12sharp and the foam was so irritating!


Y E N C H E N G said...

o.o must be really crowded right? everyyear also like that

YEEINGNG ♥ said...

Awesome there!

Irene said...

@yencheng..the crowd was still acceptable..hahaha

Hilda Milda™ said...

I was there last here xmas and it was too crowded and yes the foam was really very annoying!

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