Monday, December 6, 2010

Dont protest on Sunday!!

Wat a tiring and unfruitful Sunday!
I was so ecstatic because i thought i will be able to hit Uniqlo today and maybe pay a visit to Kinokuniya as well. But ended up, i headed to Mid Valley again! It has been three consecutive weeks that i spent my lovely Sunday in MV. FML.
Was stuck in the jam for 1 hours which i was late for my appointment and ended up i had to change the venue due to the massive jam.
It was my first time encountering such a terrible jam! Caught in the jam since i was in Seremban highway and all the way to KL. Initially, i thought i could avoid the jam by alternative. However, all the routes to KL would be ended up in a same result, that is, JAM!! FML!!

Here is the clip about the protest.


alvinontherocks said...

Sigh, we have so many better things to do then to protest especially on a Sunday. C'mon it's a family day, go spend it with them and not on the streets!

soulesscloudy said...

well well well..... no comment.. hahaha

CaDLyNN said...

no comment too~

Irene said...

@alvin AGREE!!

@cloudy & cadlynn speechless..haha

~Snowman~ said...

sigh! what protest la! seriously no comment! =(

y--square said...

*pat pat* Luckily I know in advance. I only go out to shop at night.

j said...

this water protesting is big... better read the news lol..

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