Saturday, October 2, 2010

Gourd of the week

Before going to the soup of the day, try to crack your brain a bit. Is gourd a fruit or a vegetable?
The answer is FRUITS. I was a bit shock after i googling for it. So, remember that gourd is a fruit instead of vegetable.

Here comes the soup of the day, Swee Kua Soup or English Gourd soup.

Ready to be served!!


Kian Fai said...

looks like ABC le lol, when you wanna pou for me? =X

Irene said...

@kian fai.erm..but the taste diff..and this has no tomatoes etc..

@pixie.. i didnt realise it!! thanks for reminding

chris federick said...

oh ya, my mom used to do this. So healthy and delicious.

eminey626 said...

huh?! really?! lol, u try before?

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