Friday, October 15, 2010

Famous Restaurant with So-So food

Emo a bit since it's the last day i spent in Shanghai. We spent our morning in ChengHuang Temple. I kinda looking forward to it because i heard one of my tour mate telling me that the Xiao Long Pao is damn famousin that temple and has been aired before.
What i could say after trying it was that Malaysia's are better than it!
The funniest part was that we didn't even know we went to the VVIP which is the highest floor, of course, with a higher charges as well.
Afterall, we didnt manage to dine in the restaurant and ended up took away. FML

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the much awaited xiao long pao...@.@


M-Knight said...

yummy xiao long pao....

Irene said...'s not tat nice actually..
perhaps i set my expectation high

ken said...

sometimes famous doesn't mean good :)

Irene said...

ken agree..but it doesnt' apply to all tho..

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