Sunday, November 15, 2009

Pangkor - Part 2

Speaking of the Pangkor trip, there are two parts- the ship and the factory.
Part I - Here are some of the pictures where we saw along the way to the factory which processes the dry sotong and fish.

Wonder what are the purposes of these ply wood? They are the papan where they use to build a ship.
the process of building a ship

Taadaa, the outcome!

Part II - the factory which processes mainly the sotong and fishes

the lady is cleaning the small fish
then, the fish is to be dried

later, the dried fish is to be compressed
ready for packaging

Here comes the familiar scene. These are the dried-sugar-coated-sotong
An array of dried sotong on the rack
ps: this is a must-go place when u pay a visit to Pangkor as you can see the process of preparing the sotong which you normally eat. What so good about it, you can try before you buy.
But you do not necessary to buy a bulk of souvenirs from this factory as there are a lot of stores out there which sell the same thing as well.

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