Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Sushi sushi yummie!

First of all, thank you ML. Yes, ML. If you happen to read this post, once again thank you for giving me a memorable day.
I've been living in SS2 for the past few years. But never got a chance to pay a visit to this Sushi Tomo. And i heard about how great is the salmon and sashimi in this Japanese house but just duno why never thought of going there.
Thank you ML for bringing me there and i'm sure we did enjoy every moment there.

Sushi Tomo @ SS2 (next to Wong Kok)

Dining house with some Japanese feel. Yeah..some because you could look for others which you can really feel that you are just like dining in some authentic Japanese cuisine house.

'Sushi' Menu ( a bit klunky)

You gotta key in your order using the touch screen monitor instead of manual order. No worries, there is always someone to guide you if you do not know how to operate it.

'O Cha'

Yuuhoo....my favourite- Salmon . No fishy smell and it is fresh. It seems like it will be melted once you put in your mouth..OMG...I'm drooling over the salmon...

Rainbow Sushi- recommended by the chef. But i dun really agree that it is so special enuf to have a chef recommendation.

Yakiniku Bento with salad. tofu, chicken meat, grilled fish and preserved ginger.

Saba Shioyaki-with teriyaki, salad, tofu and preserved ginger.
i was disappointed with the teriyaki because the seaweed should be crispy. But it has become soft by the time it was served.

Align Left
The bento sets come with the rice and also the watermelon.

Food: 3/5
Ambiance: 2.8/5


JY Shops ~ The Latest Fashion In Town said...

wow, all the food looks so nice. I always passed by this shop but nv once try it. I should really go try it some day. Thanks again!!

Independent Queen said...

How about the price? Same as Sushi King or Zipangu Shang-ri La? in between or cheaper ?

Irene said...

JY shops: hi..Actually you can give it a try although the sets might not be so fantastic! But the sashimi and salmon are nice!!! Yummie..hehe

Queenie: The price is more or less the same as Sakae Sushi.. I'm not sure about the price for Sushi King because i never tried that before cuz it has bad feedback from the customers .. and I'm not sure where is Zipangu Shang-ri La..Is it in Shangri La hotel?

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