Saturday, August 1, 2009

Karena Lam @ Neutrogena 3D Fairness

Karena Lam? Are u confusing who is this Karena? Well, if you do. 林嘉欣 (Lam Kar Yan), the Hong Kong actress, would sound familiar to u i guess. Actually, i wasn't sure who is the ambassador of Neutrogena before this. Or i don't even know Neutrogena has an ambassador until today's event. I'm sure not only me but there will be a lot of people will be getting knowing this Neutrogena thing because of this Karena, vice versa. FYI, Karena announced that she joined Neutrogena since this year. Before, Karena reached 1-u, the MC of the event, Jentzen had to come up with different games and calling people around to play games so that there wouldn't be any stage wait. Anyway, let the pictures speak!

Well, Jentzen is well-versed in Cantonese, Mandarin and also English.

What are they doing? The participants have to burst the balloon by using certain part of their body.

Participants showing their WHITE socks!

Finally! Here comes Karena!!!!!!

This girl is sweet

Say 'Hi'

Charming Karena

Last but not least, let's hear HER voice!

PS: Before meeting Karena in person, i thought she would be quite fair. But she is quite tan when i saw this gal. AND...she has leg muscles as well..keke..

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