Monday, August 3, 2009

Friendster? Facebook? cafe

Well, I'm not taking about the communication network as in Facebook or Friendster that link you to your friends or any game in friendster. LOL..It's actually a cafe (a real cafe) in Damansara Perdana WHERE PEOPLE MEET 365 DAYS A YEAR. This is my second time been to this place and i was quite disappointed because i was hoping to see Mini CooperS there. There was a mini cooper gathering when i first went there. But it seems like no such thing anymore. That was the exterior of the cafe. Wat about interior? The ambiance is not as romantic as the 1st time i been there and one section which has cosy seats was closed down that day. So, if you really wanna look for a quiet place to yumcha, you can give it a try. But if you are looking for some places which are more happening, i wouldn't recommend it. Perhaps you still can try its foods. Here comes the FRIENDSTER CAFE!

Friendster cafe @ Plaza Emerald

Interior (1)

Interior (2)

Boxed candle

Beverages - all kinds of friendstercino


Green Tea

Cappuccino (The cappuccino looks better if there is some caramel on the surface!)

Hot Honey Milk

Drinks: 2.5/5
Service: 2.8/5
Ambiance: 2.8/5


YULI said...

oh wow! it's really for real! :D

Irene said...

yuli: ya..have u heard of it before?

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