Saturday, August 8, 2009

Flying to Paris? Try New Paris in PJ

Again, staying in ss2 for some time. But seldom been to the infamous New Paris which has been recommended by HoChak. And this is my FIRST time to try the Champagne chicken which i like to call it as 'watermelon chicken'. I happened to be there to have dinner with my family not long ago. This is my second time to dine in in this restaurant. Well, it was not so crowded during weekdays but definitely it will be packed if you pay a visit on weekend. No worries, there are a lot of parking lots and there are a few parking attendances to serve the customers. FYI, New paris has enuf space to serve u because it is a two-storeys-shop. Now, let your saliva drivel from your mouth~~

New Paris/新巴黎

Champagne Chicken ( I like the watermelon...)

(Story behind the chicken) I always called this dish as 'watermelon chicken' before i was told this is Champagne Chicken. When the captain finished telling us the dishes, i asked 'got the watermelon chicken ah?'
Then, he told me that 'ohh..that is the champagne chicken i mentioned just now..' Paiseh....haha

chick.. chick..chicken

Batin fish ( the fish meat is very fresh and smooth)

Nothing special but VEGIE..HA HA

famous dish: Minced Pork Toufu

PS: if you are in a hurry, you will definitely have to count on this restaurant because the time for them to serve the dish is short! After you place order, the food is served within 10 minutes.

Foods: 2.9/5
Service: 2.8/5
Ambiance: no special...just like normal restaurant


Stripped Steph said...

love the watermelon chicken there! yummy

Irene said...

steph: special..

kien said...

i used to go thr evrytime reach in KL...
hmm,love the watermelon balls too...haha..
must go thr b4 i leave...!

irene said...

wahh..u used to go there? never ajak me..hng

m!Z_w0rLd said...

Been thr b4 several times with my friends..hehe
not bad the food there..^^

irene said...

CH: i really like the watermelon lehh..hahaha.juicy

ViViEnNe said...

yaya i've been there with my family too!! mmmm...wanna go again..haha...

irene said...

vivienne: let's go there together-together .hehehe

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