Friday, May 8, 2009

'hello' from Sandakan

Yeah! I'm in Sandakan now.
I had a terrible experience when i was on the way to LCCT.
I didn't sleep during the night before i came back to Sandakan. Not even one hour because i gotta go to airport ard 4 AM. Thus, i dun wan to make myself more sleepy by just resting for 4 hours. I stayed awake watching the King Of Snooker.
My brother sent us to LCCT ard 4.10AM. While i was on the way to airport i try to close my eyes and take a nap. However, i could sense a strong crash on behind when our car was cruising on the highway. I didn't know what happen at that time because i though the road problem. I never thought of other people crash on our car.WTF!
My brother sped off and didn't stop the car. He quickly asked me to call ppl. I just knew wat happened when he told his friend the matter just in case anything happens. He knew this was a trick because he has heard this before and his friend also kena last time.
There were only our car and the bastard's car (Waja) cruising on the road at that time. They took over our car to observe how many people in our car before they crashed on our car. They then parked at the roadside and put double signal hoping that we will stop the car!
FYI, dun ever try to STOP your car if you meet this situation next time. Just escape to avoid any tragedy. Their trick is to hit your car purposely and want you to stop the car to negotiate with them. At that time, they will curi your car and you as well!
People, be aware!


Lisa717 said...

OMG~~ can't believe that this thing had happened to you n your bro!! Gotta believe those forward message on this matter! Thanks God that you n your bro were, you r in sdk nw?? how many days u gotta stay there??

Melvin said...

omg.. so cool..

sohpao said...

wah sai... your car meh damn damage lo.. interesting.. hooho

° MS ° said...

sorry to hear abt that, anyway, glad that u guys r ok.

yup, we have to stay alert. My fren's bro got the same case. The culprit banged his Vios in LDP, so he got off the car and then 2 fella pointed parang at him...he had no choice but to watch them drving the car away. damn these ppl

irene said...

lisa: very suei! i couldn't believe this would happen to me as well!
btw, i will just stay in sandakan for about 1 week, will go back to kl this week..

gab: haha..tat's neither my car nor my bro's car. It's my aunt's car. Sigh..U better be alert when you drive next time..'interesting'?? sweat...

ms: thanks for you concern. Those stupid fella always come out with different tricks..Really have to be alert..

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