Tuesday, May 5, 2009

crowded SALES

Zara sales was here in town last week. I was so excited about it and i thought i won't be able go because it was exam week. But spontaneous thing always happens...i went with my buddies..

1st stop: Ikea....

the RELISH is really YUMMIE..(the bottom pic is my bun with lil' ingredients)

After makan, we headed to the destination--Cinenleisure where the sales was held.
The queue was really scary and this was the 1st time i've ever seen this crazy sales with lotsa people!

This is long queue when we reached there!

Yeah..It is almost my turn!!

See!! People crowded the small room.

This is the worst section because the clothes were all around the floor and no one picks it up!!


lisa717 said...

wah~ what sales is it?? which brand o??? "dim gai gam do yan geh"?? so cheap meh?? finish adi la the sales??

irene said...

Zara, Maseratti Dutti, Pull&Bear Sales..It is definitely cheaper than normal price...If you can find the one which fits you, then it is worth it. The sales has already finished. It was on 30 April-3 May.
This type of sales ngam u ? if i see this type of sales next time then i let u know la..hehe

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