Thursday, May 21, 2009

Golden Pan Mee

The Golden Egg Noodle is located at Puchong and it is the so-called recommended restaurant by HoChak. Guess what, i thought their pan mee would be outstanding compared to others.

Dried Golden Pan Mee (seaweed noodle)
I like seaweed very much but the seaweed taste isn't strong. It just ordinary dried pan mee.

Nyonya ABC.

Rate: 2.5/5


Manji said...

so honest with food comment...thats good.

Anonymous said...

so, you went for food haunting during the holidays? hahahahah. Your parents are still here aite?

May Shing

irene said...

manji: we have to tell the truth and i'm not working for them..haha
Shing: trying out new food...mostly at kl..haha..wanna join?
their are still here..will be going back on june..ur lil' prawn is sleeping in the aircon room everyday..hahaha

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