Saturday, January 18, 2014

[Review] Bad experience@Pitstop car saloon, SS2

Ever since I collected my car from polishing after a long-wait of approximately 4.5 hours, I strongly advised you NOT to give a try on this shop. Else, you might be regretted. If you do not believe my words and only believe your own eyes, you can still go ahead by risking your own mood.
Hence, I am here emphasize again. Please give a second thought when you are about to decide to go for this shop.
I kept waiting at the other side to have the car wash, car polish to be done, and I'm kind enough to give another one hour which made up a total of 4.5 hours to let Pitstop team@SS2 to get things done. But what I have got in return was an empty promise where at first they promised to ring me when it is done. I tried to call whatever numbers published in the Internet to get contact with Pitstop@SS2 to get update on the status. However, I failed to approach anyone. It is either no one picking up the phone or number is no longer in use. What happen next? I went to the shop and checked if they have done. I couldn't imagine how long do I need to wait if I continue to wait for their call.
Before I stepped into the shop, I could see my car ready outside the shop. I was really frustrated at that moment. Why would they exploit my trust on them? *Take a deep breath* I walked into the shop and asked if my car is really ready to collect. The guy said 'yes'. Wth. Angry to max. I questioned him   Me: Why you did not call me when it is done since you said you will?
Guy1: ya meh?

He went into the office to get my car's key. And that time I saw the guy I dealt with when I first sent my car in the afternoon. He was sitting on the chair with both legs laying on the chair. Subsequently, I asked him.
Me: You said you will call me when it is done?
Guy2: You can come and see mah. Is like that geh la.
Me: (what the hell) but u said you will call
Guy2: Your car just done not long ago.
(I am thinking your not long ago is referring to half an hour ago, an hour ago or?)
Me: I tried to call your phone but no one pick up.
* No one responds on this.

Guy1 handed over the car's key to me. That is it. No thank you. No sorry. Not even asking you to check on the car.

I paid for a poor service. What for?
The reason I must put my experience here is not just because I want to rant but I know there is no or maybe not much reviews on the service on Pitstop. So, you guys will not know what kind of services they provided. If you want to go Pitstop, go to other branches like Taman Tun. Do not go Pitstop@SS2. You deserve a better service.

Disclaimer: Above statement is purely writer's personal opinions.


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Richard C. Lambert said...

Hence, I am here emphasize again. Please give a second thought when you are about to decide to go for this shop.kole locksmith indy

Rosalind Lok said...

Worse service rendered by pit stop bandar puchong jaya

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