Saturday, January 18, 2014

Fiery car wash

Chilling myself @ Starbucks while waiting for the car wash done.

Why would I name the subject as 'fiery'?
Thanks to Pitstop@SS2 which contributed to this.

I bought the groupon and made the reservation to have car wash done few weeks ago.

The day has come and I am anticipating this day because Im looking forward to shine my car.

Once I stepped into the shop, I was 'greeted' by a staff by mumbling something I had no idea what he was saying. Be it as he likes, I told him that I had made an appointment with them. Straightaway, he asked for my coupon. Well, I guess all the customers there used groupon. So that he didnt even bother to ask me 'Do I have coupon or just walk-in'. And he stumped to my car without further question. Well, I would say he is observant because he noticed my car parked opposite the shop which I didn't expect he knew it.

The way he was talking like he is an 'Ah Long' and his look deserves that title. No smile at all throughout the conversation. No sense of friendliness to the customers. Wth.

In fact, this is a very good opportunity to promote your reputation. You don't even grab that chance to retain your customers but with your 'wonderful' service, you will just chase your customers away. Don't expect customer to return to your shop with that kind of shitty attitude. If you are the owner of the shop, I will anticipate how long you can run your business. If you are not, you are pouring rice of your boss. Pity your boss.

I hope he will not give me any further shitty face look when I collect my car later. Otherwise, I am going to lodge a complaint on the service he provided.

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