Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Just finished taking my bath. Refresh! Gonna take my dinner soon.

Im kinda looking forward to tomorrow because i've just got my new lappie!! Manager told me that everyone (kinda exaggerating here..haha) was excited for my lappie as most of them are using desktop instead of lappie! Plus, mine is the shiny new lappie!! Even my manager had the old version one..wuakaka..To be honest, i wish i could have a desktop because i want a larger screen and i do not need to pack-unpack the laptop everyday!!!

But tomorrow's training is going to be a serious and tough one. Hopefully everything goes smooth.

I went out early in the morning and it's almost the same time as yesterday. However, i was later more than half an hour compared to yesterday! WHAT'S WRONG here??!!
I thought i could get an indoor parking since i was early! Thing turned out to be the other side.
I had to park open parking! Luckily rain stopped when i went back. Or else i would curse gao gao..:(

Enjoy your dinner!! Im having mine soon. :))

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