Friday, July 16, 2010

Watch the SunSet

Revisited Gold Coast Sepang few days ago. The timing was just so right to see the sun set. I took another road which i think it's easier than the KLIA's. It was from Klang. What you need to do is just follow Banting after Klang. All the way straight until you reach Tanjung Sepat. Then, you will reach Gold Coast Sepang in another 15 minutes from Tanjung Sepat.

I wish i were holding a DSLR the moment i captured the sunset. The scenery was awesome!

Tat's the Chalet!

The path leads you to the hall of the resort


The path leads you to the Chalet!
Imagine the palm trees and their chalets are divided into five trunks.
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adamYam said...

what camera u using?

TOLANIC said...

Beautiful sunset! I went to this place for several times already to eat steamboat. Nice view.

Irene said...

@adam Sony T series

@tolanic where is the restaurant? i wanted to go Ocen in Tanjung Sepat. However, it was closed! T.T

adamYam said...

hmmm...not that familiar with Sony

however...I think it does have the scenes mode to detect its a sunset..but sometimes...all u need is a tripod...this will help u to get a more stable sunsets picture...

ken said...

nice ah.. dont have to use DSLR..
the quality of a picture is not necessarily defined by the camera, but it's the skill of the photographer =)

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