Thursday, July 15, 2010

I've got mine. What about you?

Remember this?

Came across the Johnson&Johnson post in other's blog. This reminded me about my free sample! :P Was thinking when will i get it. Finally, i got it yesterday! It was just the right timing. And im going to bring you along with me next week. Crossing the boundary and reaching the attention of the world.

Thanks J&J for your generosity. Spending this bucks to getting us free sample! Imagine there are ten thousands samples to be given out. How much have they spent? Do the calculation.

On top of that, J&J has attached the 70% discount voucher together with the sample!



smoochie said...

yup, so nice of them to send out samples for us, right! =)

Irene said...

@smoochie..yeah!! :)

v!vi@n said... samples^^

Irene said...

@viv yea..go and get urs..

The Blogger (63672674) [meoramri] said...

Supporting your blog.


Lukey Cher Hong said...

johnson and johnson reminds me of a time really long ago when i was still a baby

Dropped by from Lukey's Rantings

TOLANIC said...

Fuahh! Free sample! I also want!

Irene said...

@ramri thanks

@lukey me too!! baby shampoo~~

@tolanic..register now..haha

adamYam said...

register will do??

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