Saturday, July 3, 2010

Scholl Haul..BUT not mine

Never been to DKSH before. And today was my first. As usual. it was jamme with car and also people.T_____T Actually went there for Scholl warehouse sales. But there is another sales going on. So, went to the other as well. Reached there around 12pm and some of the sizes of the shoes have already gone! You will be able to see those customers carrying a few boxes of Scholl on their way back. I was thinking "so cheap meh?" when i saw this scene. You will know when you read on..

Some of the cars even TRIPLE park!

Ladies shoes as low as rm70

Ppl are peeking to grab cheap stuff!

See! Lotsa stocks awaiting

Do expect something like this. But i think this shud be considered as the top nice sandals.
Selling at Rm70

Haul~~ But not mine T__T
I hope Charles and Keith sales is coming soonn..really soonnnn!!


doraemon said...

dear, the sandals you are holding not bad ler, SooO CHEAP!! i would like to buy it for my mum, she is very excited to hear there;s a ware house sales for scholl,unfortunately she is not in KL, SAD...(desperate face=.=)

irene said...

hahaha..yeah!! my mom got a pair for herself and my aunt..hahaha..
You told ur mom about the warehouse?
i think scholl has sales every year about this time..

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