Friday, December 18, 2009

Simple YET Elegant watches

I'm looking for elegant and cool watches all these while. I'm so glad that i bought Female November Issue because they did talk about different types of watches from metal to leather strip. I've picked my favourites. Below are some of them. I heart Tissot the most. Love it..wanna own it..But not right now..gotta save some money first..hehe..Anyone wanna sponsor me? Haha

Tissot Generosi T

Marc by Marc Jacobs

Michael Kors


Kenneth Cole


MayShing said...

i kindda like Marc Jacobs. It looks nice and feminine in picture.

irene said...

yeah! i like it too..but the most i prefer is Tissot..wanna own one metal and one leather..hehe..gotta save money ady-

Padmanaban said...
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