Saturday, December 19, 2009

Luxurious Bath

IT was just nice to observe things that happen around you without having spending lotsa $$$. I was so curious to look out to the "Bom Bom Bom" source when i was taking my bath . What so special about today? It is not a big day neither does it is a public holiday. The sky lit with the firecrackers. I bet it was awesome when one can see fire crackers when taking bath.

Btw, this is the night view from my unit. Sometimes Genting can be seen from here as well. That's why i'm so tempted to go Genting. Lol.

Can you see?

Yes..Fire crackers. This is the second batch of firecrackers tat i saw. This is was a lil further than the first one i saw when i was taking my bath.


Independent Queen said...

it is very luxury indeed! u have a very nice view there. I assume it contribute to a good feng shui as well? said...

wow! damn nice! really can't imagine if i were there! Nanged your post! Hopefully you will nang to read about is back with the name !!!!!!!

irene said...

Quennie: haha..never thought of it is related to fengshui..i just wanna see awesome night view..hehe

iyouweblog: thanks ya...indeed this was not as nice as the first fireworks i saw..Unfortunately, i didn't take any pic of it because i was taking my

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