Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Labyrinth in Mid Valley

"I swear i never drive to Mid Valley again!" This statement was made when i caught in the jam this afternoon. But this wouldn't happen in the future unless i had a chauffeur. I was kinda lost when i was already in Mid Valley (MV) zone. I wanted to go the Boulevard parking there but i ended up in Zone A. In the midst of looking for parking space, i wanted to leave MV ady..I just lost my patience keep turning in the zone. At one point, i was almost to the exit gate. Luckily there wasn't any car following me. Or else i wouldn't have the chance to reverse. After spending 20 minutes finding the parking space, i got one near Jusco. Thanks God. I was shocked when i stepped into the mall as there were lotsa ppl. WTH! Today is just Wednesday and it is not a public holiday!!!
Worse still, i bought some groceries in Jusco before i left MV. By the time i paid the bill, i was looking for the express lane as there weren't many things with me. BUT....the counter was CLOSED!! They shudn't close the counter during the peak hour and the queue was super long just now..

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