Monday, July 13, 2009

Yao Char Kwai missing in ACTION

Guess what? This is my second time to write about the same post again!! Why? It's not because i'm too free to do that. Instead it was missing in action. Dunno why..

Anyway, if you like something light, you can always go for porridge. I'm gonna introduce this I Lurve You - 老友鬼鬼 to all of you. I tried it at LG floor in the Gardens. But it has another branch at 1-u. For your information, his chinese name and english name is mismatch because you cannot think of either one of the name once u mention one of it. I love you would be 'wo ai ni'. Why the chinese name would be ' lao you gui gui'? They dun even carry the same meaning. Based on my analysis, since they sell the yao char kwai, that's why they relate it to '鬼'. And the meaning of the chinese name would be very good fren.
It's up to you to define it...

Taadaa, the yao char kwai. Thumbs up.. you shud try this!

century dumpling porridge

food: 3/5
service: self-service
ambiance: i guess nothing special because it is an open-air stall

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