Monday, July 20, 2009

Bon Odori Part2 (more pics and video)

To be continued~~~
This post is mainly about the crowd in the stadium. Well, what so special about the crowd. Let the pictures speak!! Taadaa!!

There are a lot of ppl sitting inside the stadium

Ppl wandering and posing to see wat's happening around

Here comes the most interesting part!!!
Even our malay frens dress up in kimono with their tudung on..
But seriously they look decent. But some of the malays wore jeans even tho they put on their kimono.

Malays ladies in kimono.. Cool!


This xiao mei mei is a japanese kid..She is sooooo cute. Initially, her dad hugs her. But after realising we are taking pic, he lets the xiao mei mei down. But too bad, she doesn't look happy in this pic. She even frowns when she knew ppl are taking photos of her.

Kawaii nei~

Japanese family (Guess what, the dad is very young!)

A big ribbon behind the japanese gal

Uncle is shouting: Cheapu Cheapu...very cheapu

Dessert bar's Mascot

This is the scene when the night came..HUGE crowd.

The staduim was packed with the visitors!!

Unfortunately, i didn't see the ending of the event. Let's end with a video about the opening of the event.


Serge Norguard said...

its not sweet bar its Desert's Bar mascot

Irene said...

haha..thanks..did u go there?

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