Friday, July 17, 2009

No idea for dinner? Here you go!

Having dinner with my frens in Fong Lye restaurant in The Gardens. It was actually a gathering dinner with my frens who just came back from Russia. Well, it was really packed during the dinner time. Guess whatm they sofa for the guests outside their restaurant. We gotta wait for 20 minutes before our turn to get in. Basically, it's taiwanese cuisine. Let the pictures speak!

Pumpkin balls -It is 'q' and basically this is a must for you to try out.

it comes in a set with preserved seaweed, lettuce and soup

Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet

Three varieties of supreme diced chicken
Maybe you will have some idea by calling it 'three cups chickens'?

Cuties in front of the restaurant

food: 3.0/5
service: 2.5/5

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