Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sweet sweet

Its a nice talk with my frens..
However, i still couldnt manage to get my snowflake!!!

I think i will be losing weight very soon as this persists.
I kinda skipped my lunch and had my dinner late.
It's very unhealthy!!

Btw, i've really got a bit shock when u guys passed me the gift as this is unexpected.
I thought it would be no gift from you this year. :P

Initially, i thought it would be some sort of clothes.
When i unpacked it, i thought it would be perfume..(make me excited for a few seconds...:P).
I suspected as well as it seems like the packaging is kinda new if it were a perfume.'s Laneige Sleeping Mask...(Here is the complicated part..)

I just asked my fren to get the sleeping mask in KOREA!!!!!@@

Anyhow, thanks for the gift!! Appreciate it and im gonna start using it just a few minutes later!! Teehee....


木瓜 said...

wah.. hw come u think of us like tat..? hahaha... ur fren help u bought it dy..? hahaha... btw, don skip meal la... aiks...

irene said...

cuz everyone is so busy recently eh...
yea fren bought ady lo..@@

i wish to have a proper meal as well..but...

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