Wednesday, July 13, 2011


At this point of time, i wanted to blog so much even though it's not a routine.
Silence and isolate.
I miss you.
I planted the seed that i have not received anything. However, I had surprise!
Somehow, it's some sort expected.
To be honest, Im kind frustrated..not to others but to myself.
Not appreciating people who treating me good but wasting my energy to others who do not worth it! So pathetic!

Im thinking how's the week going to be, Not saying the day in the week, perhaps should make it small.
How's the day going to look like?
I wish I could rewind the time back to the day. At least I could spend the day in the luxury cube.

Speaking of work, quite a few people asked me about it. However, I hardly find the interest in explaining it. Time flies.
The longer you have been there, the more responsibilities you need to take on.
Responsibilities are inversely proportionate to the excuse.

Sleep deprivation!!
The vision was blur. Perhaps it's the consequence of sleep deprivation.
Gotta sleep early!

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