Saturday, May 7, 2011

Part of life

Seldom blog since started my next chapter of life.
Lotsa new things to be shared. However, i couldnt catch up with the time. Many things to be done yet the time is less.
Go out early in the morning and come home late. Have to hit the bed a while after taking dinner.
Speaking of the routine job, I guess I haven't accommodate with the new working environment. Hence, my mind would be very exhausted if there is any unforeseen circumstances to be happened. I was wondering how those adults could cope with their working life sometimes. :(

I miss my frens! I miss the time chatting with them!! I have to admit that i have less time for them since i've stepped into the corporate world. So, please do update me with every bit of your life okay!!

The weather for these few days was so HOT!!!
Thanks god i just came back from Genting. Or else i was wondering how could i fall asleep yesterday night.
I had an adventurous trip in the Starworld. Lost quite some bucks in there yet experienced the lucrative return as well!

Well, have a great weekend! Hope i will enjoy the days ahead!!
But for now, i need to enjoy my Hoegaarden!!


m!Z_w0rLd said...

i want Hoegaarden too..T.T

木瓜 said...

wah... u went to genting...? wif who..? hahaha

irene said...

@miz world..go jaya one..

@papaya VIP

Anonymous said...

hi, help support my mom and "like on her pic"

Thank you so much

mark said...

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