Saturday, May 14, 2011

challenge ahead

Roger roger~~Good morning to you.
Wanted to blog yesterday night. However, i just couldnt login to my blogger!!!
Yesterday was my first day staying back so late in the office. Thanks Aju for the accompany.
I couldnt imagine how busy its gonna be in the coming week and gotta prepared to stay back late.
Things are loaded in and i hope i really could cope up with them independently with min mistake.

This week was adventurous as i have experienced the typical way by a coll whom my colleague has already forewarned me. But as my coll told me, tats not the worst case yet. In that sense, i have to prepare for the worse in the future..:(.

But im sure i will become tough and more independent after having such 'training'. That is good for me though. Preferably, i would want it in a nice way lo..

Anyway, thanks to my manager and trainer for their patience. <3
Happy trip to my manager as well!!

Good day!

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